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Tina Dixon

Hello and Welcome to Sugar Me Sexy! Thanks for viewing the website. My name is Tina Dixon and I am the creator of Sugar Me Sexy. This business has allowed me to work from home, meet some amazing people and raise an awsome son.

Now that he has grown so has the business. It started out with just sugaring and in a short time I created my own sugar, self sugaring kits, and exfoliating kits. Then added Laser hair removal which has proven to be a positive move.

In early 2017 Kennedy Maier Sugaring and Serene Aesthetics by Chantal moved to Sugar Me Sexy. A very exciting change. Now we offer Full Body Sugaring and Laser for both Men and Women. Serene Aesthetics by Chantal offers a wide variety of luxerious treatments with 25 years of experience! Check her page for full details!

A special thank you for the wonder clients I have met many have become dear friends. Thank You for your continued loyality and support. I truley appreciate each one of you!!


* Special Thanks to Mike for an amazing job on the website! Lisa Fluke from Forever Frozen by Fluke Photography for the execellent pictures!

Tina, Chantal and Kennedy